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Calling the Leys Community


The Gift of Education will be one of the focuses of the 2021 telephone campaign, as pupil callers tell our Leys Community more about the programme’s potential to change lives.

From 3 August to 15 August, our brilliant team of recent Leys leavers will be calling Old Leysians and parents to update them on the latest news from the School, seek careers advice, and ask for support for the Gift of Education. 

The telephone campaign is an important way that the Leys spirit stays strong and the community remains connected, especially when it has been so hard to have events over the past year. 

At the heart of the telephone campaign in 2021 is an invitation to the Leys Community to change lives. Through boarding bursaries, funded by the supporters of the Gift of Education, young people at The Leys have the opportunity not only to fulfil their academic potential, but to enjoy the possibilities of the life-enhancing wider curriculum too.  

 Do all the good you can, by all the ways you can. – John Wesley 

At a time when Covid-19 has brought about previously unthinkable turmoil, the impetus is stronger than ever for those of us who can help to create opportunities for the younger generation. 

You can play a part in ensuring a young person’s potential to thrive is realised by making a gift in the telephone campaign to the Gift of Education.

We know that it is not the right year for everyone to support the Gift of Education, and that some people would prefer not to be contacted. Everyone who will be called will receive an email or letter in advance to give them the opportunity to opt-out.

"A big part of boarding school is being awoken to the notion that you are worthy of the opportunities being offered."
Make a gift