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Raqiya’s story


Raqiya, a current student at the University of Oxford, kindly spoke to us about her experience at Framlingham College as a Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation pupil on a 110% bursary placement.

She began studying at Framlingham in the Sixth Form, having previously worked with RNCSF to find the right school for her. As you will hear from Raqiya herself, her mother arrived in the country as a refugee, and Raqiya herself had underestimated her own academic potential.

The education she received at Framlingham, alongside excellent pastoral support (a hallmark of all RNCSF partner schools) helped her to aim high, and she is now studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Her story is an inspiring one! We hope that the Gift of Education campaign will allow The Leys to play the same transformative role in the lives of other young people.

“The house system gave so much support and were always there for anything I needed, I could always reach out and there was support in place.”
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